Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Hello my friends!
I feel like this blog post is long over due....I have meant to do this awhile back and here we are and it's already September! I'll begin with big news first!!!(and some of yous already know this) :):) This year instead of hosting 100's of shop hoppers we will be anticipating the birth of a new baby boy!!!This was definitely one of the Lord's sweet surprises...not without some bumps in the journey but we are seeing the end and looking forward to my due date!!(mid October) I have also spent more days with my Mother who experienced a miner stroke in June and on top of that my nephew was in a bicycle accident ( 18 yr old and one of our son's best friends) 6 days in Trauma unit with a brain injury but it's been 8 weeks now and he is at home and we believe he will experience complete healing. Truly a miracle!!! And especially faith building for his young teen friends. God has revealed His power through prayer once more!!Needless to say I won't be doing even a small open house this yr...Maybe next yr??
I will let you know when our little guy arrives...and meanwhile enjoy shop hopping and happy fall & wish you all lots of blessings!!
Fondly, Rachel