Thursday, October 1, 2015

More welcome back

Welcome to the barn!!
It finally feels like fall although it's raining and you will have to get wet if you're out shop hopping today. 
I am still getting back in the groove here after being closed all summer and it's so much fun to paper craft again!! Also it's been great to see those of you who stopped by already this week!! Thanks to those of you who have been concerned about the closing of FROM THE HEART....I think I will take a moment to hubby and I have put a lot of thought in this decision and feel that it's time for a change, mostly we need more room and time, does that sound familiar to anyone with teenagers?? The barn is going to be a game room and will also be used for entertainingthe youth, and we host church in there once a year. How ever, we've been talking about having 1 open house a year, 
So although I'm planning on selling out in early December, I won't be selling all of my display units just yet! Mean while we are still getting new stuff and enjoying,  I will try and keep Blogging to let you in on things around here. Have a great day!!!

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